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Join over 11,000 bass players just like you in the worlds leading bass education platform - packed with hours of step by step courses, live seminars, interviews and much more...

It’s too common for bass players just like you to find it almost impossible to push their bass playing to the next level - and beyond.

My mission is to help bass players break down the barriers that are holding them back right now, and show them that by studying the right information in the right order, they can become the bass player they've always dreamed of being.

In the last 2 years I've worked with over 11,500 people just like you. These are folks putting their butts on the line to learn skills that will be with them for life. They hit roadblocks, lose steam, search for direction… and The Academy here at Scott's Bass Lessons helps them get super focused and take the next step.

What’s inside? Excellent step by step courses and a community of like minded bass players all focused on taking their playing to the next level. The courses are all shot as high quality training videos with a focus on breaking down 'must know' concepts into easy to learn actionable steps. They cover things like creating bass lines and grooves, understanding and using scales and arpeggios, interaction within a live band, getting the perfect technique for you, setting up your bass and much more.

The community is incredible and is the true heart of The Academy. If you’ve ever struggled on alone not knowing what to work on next, you're going to find that the Academy community is a total game changer. You'll be able to get instant feedback, answers to questions you've probably had for far too long - and make friends with bass players just like you all around the world.

What are the live seminars all about? Our weekly live seminars have brought together the best bass educators in the world - all into one place. Everyweek Academy members get to jump online for our live weekly seminars with bass players such as Anthony Wellington, Ed Friedland, Todd Johnson, Cody Wright, Danny Mo Morris, Steve Jenkins and many more world class bass players. Plus, Academy members also get to ask our faculty members questions during each seminar - all in real time.

It’s easy to join. Your first 14 days are free. After that, if you choose to stick with it, a 12 month membership is only $14 per month (billed annually @$168). I hope to see you inside!

Sincerely, Scott Devine
Scott's Bass Lessons Founder

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