Music is life, bass is the heart.

We’re driven to inspire and ignite the passions of all bass players.

We are a ferociously driven team of bass players, artists and visionaries, passionate about bringing world-class bass education to people of all ages, from all walks of life, all around the world.

Who are SBL?

  • Scott Devine
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Allan Scott
    Video Production Manager
  • Anita Gupta
    Community Manager
  • Arturo Mieussens
    Technical Operations Assistant
  • Bee Kingshott
    Executive Assistant to CEO
  • Ben Walker
    Student Mentor
  • Brian Speronello
  • Chris Lavington
  • Connor bennett
    Senior Videographer
  • Craig Strain
    Bass Tutor
  • Dan Redding
  • Eric Wills
    Content Program Manager
  • Gav Harrison
    Lead Education Videographer
  • Gustav Taxén
    Head of Development
  • Ian Allison
    Bass Tutor
  • Ian King
    Bass Tutor
  • Jim Moore
    Producer and Student Mentor
  • Jonathan Herrera
  • Ken Durana
    Marketing Assistant
  • Kevin Langan
    Education Content Designer
  • Laura Rides
    Head of Customer Support and Project Manager
  • Lydia Renold
    Graphic Designer
  • Marc Salmon
    Head of Design
  • Mattie Montaigu
  • Mike Ippersiel
    Marketing Manager
  • Nate Smith
    Marketing Director
  • Nick Wells
    Production Manager and Artist Liaison
  • Pablo Yescas
    Social Media Manager
  • Phil Dawson
    Operations Director
  • Philip Mann
    Bass Tutor
  • Sara Norcott
    Customer Support Assistant
  • Sharon Renold
    Video Editor
  • Stu Wilson
    Head of Technology
  • Todd Johnson
    Bass Tutor
  • Vyte Murinaite
    Marketing Project Manager
  • Žiga Boršič
    Product Manager

You could be here! Join our team.

We share the values and vision of our community.
Bass is in our blood.

From simple melodies to complex harmonies, steady beats to intricate rhythms, searing pain to soaring joy, music is the single global language that connects all of humanity.

We open the minds of bass players around the world, help them overcome their challenges, enable them to build and refine their talent, and connect them with the global bass community.

Our vision is to become the cultural centre of the bass universe.
Our mission, is to blow our students minds while doing it.

01. Serve a global community of bass players and advance the art of bass.

02. Delight our audiences with an experience that blows their minds.

03. Educate and inspire our members with best-in-class tools that build and reinforce their skills, at every stage of their musical lives and help them celebrate their accomplishments.

04. Provide the confidence to help bass players embrace their talents. Write a song, join a band, make an album, play for a live audience & achieve their ambitions.

It all started in a spare room.


In 2010, after years of traveling the world as a bass guitarist for tour and studio work, and the occasional side trip to lecture at music schools, Scott Devine was inspired to offer lessons online. Real lessons.

Lessons applicable to a range of existing skills. Lessons that can support a student-driven model. Lessons that combine the best qualities of one-on-one lessons and university education. Most importantly, lessons that would change the musical lives of the students.

The combination of Scott’s talent as a bass player, empathy as a teacher, and charisma as an on-camera personality attracted players and students from a global audience.

The journey so far

  • 2010

    Scott registered the URL and uploaded his first Youtube video.

  • 2011

    First courses released.

  • 2013

    SBL moves into it’s first HQ aka ‘The Towers’. Membership platform launched, live seminars streamed every week.

  • 2014

    YouTube channel hits 5,475 subscribers.

  • 2016

    SBL podcast launched and placed into iTunes ‘New and Noteworthy’ section. SBL HQ moves to a larger facility aka ‘The Loft’.

  • 2017

    Rapid enhancement of features and functionality of SBL, including a course library and expansion of tutor faculty. Youtube channel hits 475k subscribers.

  • 2018

    SBL is recognised as the largest bass education platform in the world.

  • 2020

    SBL nearly doubles in size, growing to 25k + members, and changes the game by rolling out Players Path, the world’s first step-by-step online learning platform for bass players.

  • 2021

    SBL continues to raise the bar for online bass education, hiring educators like John Patitucci and Michael League, and launching Mentors, our live weekly coaching seminars, and Learning Pathways, which took the step-by-step learning of Players Path and applied it to multiple genres of music.

Over 70K students trust SBL with their bass training.

Our students feel proud to be a part of SBL and are based all over the world. Whether they’re total beginners or professionals, we meet students where they are and take them to where they want to be.

Joining the SBL Academy has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. I have never in my life felt this productive or focused as a musician.

Taylor Lee

I was a bit stuck in terms of my progress when I first joined SBL, but the support I got from the community here has given me a huge boost!

Daniel Wester

I love the more nuanced videos where Scott talks about letting the snare drum breathe. You can’t really get that from an instructional book!

Maddie Jay

I really connect with the way that Scott teaches and the musical language he uses. I instantly knew that SBL would move my bass playing in the right direction.

Glen Whitney