Our mission:

We believe that one platform can bring world-class bass education to bass players around the world.

The problems for bass players such as yourself, who are trying to push their bass playing to the next level are obvious. The gag is, you probably don’t even know about them. So let’s dig into this…

You can either enroll in a music school (but only if you don’t have any family commitments and you can afford it - it’s expensive!), or you can seek out a 'one-to-one' bass tutor, that you can only meet up with once a week, and unfortunately you’ll soon learn that most musicians teach to pay the rent, and for the most part are not interested in education at all. That’s a huge issue for people like you because up until now that’s the only two options you’ve ever had.

But wait, YouTube arrived. Yay! Well… not so much. Don’t get us wrong, YouTube is fantastic, hell, we have over half a million bass players subscribed to our YouTube channel and get around 1.5 million views per month. But, as a solid “educational platform” it’s seriously flawed, and in certain ways can do more harm than good. Ever felt you didn’t know what to work on next? Felt overwhelmed? Jumping between videos looking for that next “shiny object”? Felt totally lost in a sea of information?… Well, you’ve already experienced what we’re trying to highlight.

That’s why we created ScottsBasslessons. We have created a new type of educational platform that gives people like us (yep - we’re just like you!), access to a world-class education from the comfort of our own homes. If you’re too young for music school, too old, have a family and other commitments… does that mean that you shouldn’t have access to a stellar bass education - HELL NO!

For bass players like you, this is a completely new opportunity. Simply put, it's world-class bass education without boundaries.

My ‘Quick’ Story

Wow. You wanna know about me?! Ok… I’ll give you the cliff notes.

I’ve always loved music. Period. But there were some bumps along the way…

I was told I couldn’t try out for trumpet at age 9 as there was no more room in the class. I was knocked back from music school when I was 18 as I was told my school grades weren’t good enough… they probably weren’t (I’ve since taught at that music school… Shhhh… that’s between you and me!).

But because I’m stubborn as hell (ask my wife!) I took my education into my own hands. I began practicing (a lot), learning whatever I could from any musicians I could find, going to jam sessions - the whole nine yards. I got my first professional gig in a theatre band when I was 19. After that it was onto the cruise ships (it was a blast!), and after the ship gigs and back on dry land at the ripe old age of 22, it was time to get serious. Over the next few years things got busy - really busy! I ended up performing, recording, sharing taxis, vans and planes with players artists such as Georgie Fame, The Drifters, Pee Wee Ellis, The Four Tops, Fred Wesley, The Nolans, Martin Simpson, Dennis Rollins and performing at venues such as Ronnie Scotts, The Vortex, The 606 Club, International Jazz Festivals around the world, and here’s a random for you… Montreal Grand Prix… and I missed the Grand Prix!

Whilst being a bass player, I’ve also always been heavily involved in education, and that’s where my real love lies (well, that and 80’s movies!). I’ve taught, lectured and spoken at music schools around the world, and loved every minute of it. But my experience with those students, and speaking to students that for whatever reason didn’t have the opportunity to get access to great education was what drove me to start ScottsBassLessons.


Love, Scott x

Five fun facts about me

  • .01
    I'm a HUGE technophobe... not sure how I ended up founding an online school!
  • .02
    I was born 5 miles from Scotland (haggis is still my favourite food!)
  • .03
    I'm addicted to movies from the 80's... The Breakfast Club... I'm there!
  • .04
    I used to HATE the sound of a Fender Precision, but I came to my senses in 2013. 
  • .05
    I live out in the West Yorkshire Woods here in the UK... thankfully, in a house! 

"What's with the gloves, Scott?"

I get asked this question on a daily basis, so I made a short video explaining why I wear gloves when I play.

Watch the video

The SBL Story… so far

These stats blow my mind!

  • 400+ Years
    Amount of video watched.
  • 25,000+
    Students in SBL Academy.
  • 140+
    Countries we have members in.
  • 390,000+
    Posts inside The Campus.

Our students say the nicest things

  • Image of Taylor Lee

    Joining the SBL Academy has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. I have never in my life felt this productive or focused as a musician.

    Taylor Lee
  • Image of Daniel Wester

    I was a bit stuck in terms of my progress when I first joined SBL, but the support I got from the community here has given me a huge boost!

    Daniel Wester
  • Image of Maddie Jay

    I love the more nuanced videos where Scott talks about letting the snare drum breathe. You can’t really get that from an instructional book!

    Maddie Jay

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