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  • World Renowned Course Library

    Access hundreds of hours of amazing, in-depth bass guitar lessons including hours of step-by-step instruction, live bands and much more from the biggest names in bass education.

  • Weekly Live-Stream Seminars

    Each week we host live-stream seminars with the likes of Gary Willis, Adam Neely, Ed Friedland, Rufus Philpot, Damian Erskine, Danny Mo Morris, Ariane Cap, Steve Lawson & Todd Johnson, plus many world-class educators.

  • Awesome Community

    Connect with fellow bassists from around the world who are just like you in our community forum, The Campus. Our students are focused on getting their bass playing to the next level, but also on helping other students around them. They’ll be there for you 24/7.

  • Direct Feedback and Direction

    You can get direct feedback and answers to all your burning questions from Scott, our awesome faculty and your fellow students in multiple ways such as Scott’s Monthly Feedback Masterclass, our weekly live-stream seminars and our community forum.

  • The Bass Hang LIVE

    This is Scott’s monthly live-stream seminar where you get to hang out with Scott and the rest of your fellow students for a full 2 hour session. Don’t worry if you can’t make it though - you can pre-submit your questions (and ALL questions are answered no matter what!)

  • The Academy Show

    Our weekly show here at SBL where Scott discusses all the current news, community topics, challenges, what’s coming up… and watch out, Scott regularly goes off topic. These are a heap of fun!

  • Monthly Challenges

    Each and every month we have a brand new challenge that’s designed to make you a better bass player. The best thing about the challenges is that our whole community get’s involved, which creates a fun learning environment and accountability when you need it.

  • Course Resources

    Each course is accompanied by highly detailed workbooks including TAB and notation, and multiple backing tracks when needed.

  • Action Steps

    Each lesson within SBL is accompanied by Scott’s specific “action steps” that layout the specific takeaways from each lesson, and also provide a solid framework to use after each lesson so you know how to keep focused and on track.