5 WAYS TO SOUND LIKE JACO PASTORIUS (without buying a jazz bass)

Published May 11, 2018 in Bass Tips

I've been wanting to kick off a "how to sound like" video series for way too long...

You know, where I pick a bass icon, and then break down how you can get their sound and their style into your own playing.

Well, today is the day!

This is the first in my new "how to sound like" series of lessons... and who better to kick this off with than the one and only Jaco Pastorius!

In this brand new lesson you're going learn:

  • Which pickups to use to get the Jaco sound
  • What music you'll need to focus on
  • Why 16th note funk bass lines are so important 
  • The key modification to Jaco's jazz bass
  • And much more...

You ready? Let's do this...

Scott :)

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