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Ok... so I've got an awesome new lesson for you today.

You've probably already heard of Adam Neely, right?... ridiculously cool bass player, huge following on YouTube...

And you've most likely heard of the band "Dirty Loops" with the amazing Henrik Linder on bass? (If not, you need to check these guys out!).

Now... what if I told you we've got a lesson for you, with Adam Neely showing you exactly how to arrange songs... in the style of Dirty Loops...

It'd be ridiculously cool, right?

Well... the good news for you is that is EXACTLY what I've got for you...

In this lesson you're going to learn:

  • How bands like Dirty Loops use arranging techniques to turn standard pop songs into jazz-gospel-fusion explosions!
  • How this idea was born out of the 1950's
  • Which harmony book is "Adams Bible"
  • How to pull off this kind of performance in a duo setting using Ableton Live
  • All about using in-ear click tracks live
  • And... obviously a heap more...

Oh... and I also reveal the winner of the Bergantino bass rig somewhere in this video too... so don't miss this one.

As always see you in the shed...

- Scott

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