Awesome Chromatic Bass Lick (L#73)

in Licks

If you've watched my lesson 'Using Simple Shapes on the Bass #2', perhaps you remember that it dealt with those 'sexy notes' that have a special flavor to them, that kinda surprise our ear, but in a nice way, well... at least for most of us.

In this new bass lesson, I'm showing you a very simple bass lick that does exactly that: the reason why it sounds so good is that it adds an element of surprise --that will probably get you a lot of 'wows' by the way!

The surprise comes from the fact that it includes a lot of notes that don't 'fit' in the expected harmony: most of the notes are not directly related to the G minor chord that we're playing over. As a result, there's a 'tension and release' effect that makes us feel good. Well, check out for yourself! ;)

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