Funky Bass Groove #1 in C7 (L#66)

in Bass Lines & Grooves

Hey funk bass lovers!

In this new funk bass lesson, I'm completely deconstructing a great groove and showing you why it 'works' on a C7 chord (C dominant 7), but the same applies for any dominant chord, of course.

First, remember the arpeggio on a dominant chord is: root-major 3rd-5th-flat 7th.

Second, make sure you lock in with the bass drum when you get the notes right.

Also, I play a lot of dead notes in that groove but don't worry too much about that in the beginning: first concentrate on getting the notes right, then lock in with the drums and you can add the dead notes afterwards --unless you're really comfortable with them.

Btw, if you're not comfortable with playing dead notes --also called 'ghost notes', I've made two bass lessons on the subject:

I guess I'm saying that all the time but… make sure you work on small sections and get them right before you put them all together, rather than trying to play the whole groove too early… and badly.

Oooh, and most importantly: have fun!

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