How do top session players choose the right bass? (Here's how)

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So when I started out working as a pro bass player, I had zero idea of what kinda gear I should be turning up with at the studio for a pro session.

I was "winging it" as you might say ;)

Sometimes the producer would love the vibe of my bass, and sometimes not...

On one occasion (when I turned up with my fancy pants custom 5 string - looked awesome by the way) I was tracking the bass and the engineer simply pulled off a cheap P bass copy from the wall and handed me that to play...

I wasn't upset. Not one bit... it was actually an amazing experience and I learned something that's stuck with me for life.

But check it out...

If you're a top session bass player you can't just rock up to the studio with your P bass in tow and everything will be fine...

No way!

Here's where this lesson comes in...

I was lucky enough to get session legend, Sean Hurley (bassist for John Mayer, Annie Lennox, Robin Thicke, Ringo Star and heaps more) to come into the studio and spill the beans!

In this lesson you're going to learn:

  • Exactly which basses he takes to every session (I think you'll be surprised at how prepared he is!)
  • How he chooses if he's going to use round wounds or flat wounds
  • How he chooses whether to use a 5 string or a 4 string
  • What's his 'go to' studio amp
  • And heaps more

Quick side note: knowing this info earlier on in my career as a bass player would have been a game changer for me!

Seriously, from someone who's walked the path of learning this stuff by trial and error (me), this is golden info for any bassist, so grab it with both hands.

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As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

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