How to get the ultimate walking bass tone (for electric bass players)

Published December 7, 2018 in Bass Tips

Playing the right notes is one thing... but how do you get your walking bass lines to sound authentic?

How do you get the right tone?

The right feel?

In this lesson we're going to dive straight into these questions, and you're going to learn 6 tricks to make your walking bass lines sound way cooler...

And even better than that - you can apply them immediately.

Lesson Summary:

  • In this lesson I give you six tips for creating awesome walking bass lines.
  • Including how to get the right feel.
  • Why your bass sound is super important.
  • How to emphasise your quarter notes.
  • Why you should avoid using crazy triplet fills.
  • I also tell you about an awesome new course we’ve co-created with Ed Friedland!
  • And much, much more.

Key Quotes:

“Walking basslines are super important. They’re one of the key things that you should work on as a bass player.”

“Play closer to the fingerboard and with the neck pickup all the way up. If you’ve got a tone control then roll it off. That’s going to give you a much fatter sound.”

“ScottsBassLessons has co-created an amazing new course on walking bass lines with the fantastic Ed Friedland. Ed’s the guy who taught me how to play walking bass lines!”

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As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

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