How to play chords on bass (like the pro’s do it) with Andres Rotmistrovsky and Oteil Burbridge

in Improvisation

Learning how to play chords on bass is really important.

But some players think that playing chords on bass is just a “fancy trick’ and bass players should leave playing chords to the guitar players…

Honestly, they couldn’t be more wrong.

As bass players our primary role is to outline the chords of the song, just like the rest of the harmony instruments within the rhythm section, so how can we effectively outline the chords if we don’t have in-depth chordal knowledge - i.e. how they’re built, why inversions matter, what extensions we can add to the different chord types.

Simply put, having a deeper understanding of how to play chords on bass is going to help your bass playing, your musicianship, your ear training, and your overall understanding of harmony.

Now, in this week's new lesson we’ve got 2 bass players who are crazzzzy good at playing chords on bass.

Seriously, these guys are insanely talented.

In this lesson you’ll be learning about:

  • Exactly where to start when you begin playing chords on bass
  • The power and impact of learning triads
  • Why inversions will help you move around the fingerboard much more freely
  • Why some players play the roots on the highest string (wait for it!)
  • And much more

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott :)

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