HOW TO PLAY FUNK... on upright & electric bass

Published October 18, 2018 in Bass Lines & Grooves

So this is an exciting lesson...

As this is the first time an upright bass has made an appearance on SBL!

Now you might jump to the conclusion: upright = jazz, right?


It doesn't.

In this lesson we're talking about funk... with a capital F!

If you're serious about getting your funk playing together, then this lesson is for you...

Lesson Summary:

  • In this lesson Chris Minh Doky demonstrates his awesome approach to playing funky basslines.
  • You’ll see how he puts an edge on the front of each note.
  • How he focuses on anchors within the music.
  • The importance of being the foundation with the drums.
  • And how to solo using the same approach.
  • You’ll also see a complete performance from Chris on a track called The Dapper King.

Key Quotes:

“To me, when you play a funky bass line you need to be more with the bass drum and play with more front end on the note.”

“I picked this up from Verdine White of Earth Wind and Fire. You have no doubt that daddy’s home when he puts down the downbeat! To me that’s the essence of being funky.”

“There’s so much that can be absorbed from this lesson, so please don't miss out on this. It's a game changer!”

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As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

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