Major Scale Improvisation Exercise #2 (L#78)

Published December 23, 2012 in Improvisation

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In this bass lesson you're going to learn how to use intervalic shapes and patterns within your bass solos, and how important they can be.

When you listen to a great bass player soloing it can seem effortless, almost like the notes and ideas are just flowing out of them. Well that's true to a certain extent, but there is ALWAYS method behind the madness ;)... everything they're playing within there solo is interval related and I guarantee they'll be either thinking of that while playing, or more likely be 'hearing' that while playing. Either way, there is a thought process behind it. Imagine if you spoke without actual thinking about what you were speaking about about... it'd sound pretty strange wouldn't it! Just random words! Well soloing or simply just playing the bass is just the same - there needs to be some sort of thought process behind it otherwise it would just sound like a random mess of notes.

Using intervallic ideas within your soloing lines can really start to open up the sound and texture of your solos and help you break away from just running up and down scales aimlessly. Getting these types of ideas into your soloing lines is a must, and once you do you'll start to hear that EVERYONE... sax players, piano players, you name it - they use these same techniques!

This lesson will take your bass soloing to the next level!

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