Octave String Skipping - Right Hand Exercise (L#43)

in Technique

In this lesson, I'm showing you an octave string skipping exercise for your plucking hand that complements the lesson on right hand --or plucking hand technique that deals with alternate plucking and raking and also the one on string muting. If you haven't watched these lessons, please do so before you watch this one: it's mandatory that your plucking/raking/muting be good enough before you practice skipping strings.

The exercises I'm showing you in this video consist of playing octaves up and down and across the neck. The fretting hand pattern is very simple and easy to memorize so you can concentrate on your plucking hand: it's very important that you play evenly and cleanly.

As always, start slowly and increase the speed as you go, tracking your progress with a metronome. As soon as it becomes "sloppy", decrease the speed --and take a rest if needed, the goal of these exercises is not to kill your wrists ;).

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