How to play bass *FAST*... 5 ultimate tips...

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Ok… let’s talk about playing fast… really FAST!

I’ve now got my technique to the point where I’m pretty happy with the speed and fluidity I can achieve on the bass…

The gag is, my technique and speed used to be VERY messy (seriously, it was bad!)… I just couldn’t seem to get those super fast runs and lines down.

After a LOT of experimentation and hours and hours in the shed I found 5 super useful speed hacks that really helped me get my technique to where it is now…

If you’re struggling with your faster lines and runs sounding sloppy and/or can’t seem to get up to those faster tempos… this bass lesson is for YOU.

I’ve also got a very special guest with me in this new video… non other than the monstrous bass player, Steve Jenkins. If you’ve not checked out Steve yet - do it, you won’t regret it!

HUGE pocket, blazing technique, and a feel to die for… Steve’s got it all.

He’s been in the studio with us recording a brand new course with legendary drummer Kenny Grohowski for the membership here at ScottsBassLessons… bass education is going to the next level! ;)

As always, I’d LOVE to hear back from you guys… has playing fast been an issue for you? And if so, what do you feel are your biggest stumbling blocks? Lemme know in the comments below the video.

See you in the shed,

Scott :)

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