How to Practice Arpeggios on the Bass (L#12-13-14)

in Improvisation

This important lesson shows you how to learn and use arpeggios on the bass, by applying my 'linear harmony concept' and, most importantly, shows how this concept can actually be applied to other areas of music!

Ok, we've all been told it's imperative for us to practice our arpeggios and scales on the bass, but what you might not have been told is that what's incredibly important how you practice them. Running arpeggios up and down the neck is fine, but just doing this will not really have any great effect on your playing.

By practicing them using my 'continuous arpeggio exercises' (explained in the following video tutorials), you will find that chord tones really unlock the mysteries of the fretboard. You'll actually start 'seeing' the chord tones all over the neck which in-turn will stop you having to jump around the fingerboard unnecessarily as you will have whatever harmony you need under your fingers wherever you are on the neck.

As well as transforming the way you 'see' harmony on the neck these exercises are also an amazing ear training tool as well! By applying these exercises to your regular practice time you will start hearing the arpeggios in all there different inversions which in turn will help the development your ear.

These exercises are hard and it will take a lot of practice... but it really will transform your bass playing and your understanding of harmony. Work them into your daily practice routine and you will start to see the benefits. Good luck in the shed! S.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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