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In this new bass lesson, I'm showing you how to learn & use your bass scales, by applying my 'Linear Harmony Concept'. And, most importantly... how to apply them to create music!

Do you know your major scales? This is a question i was asked by one of my past tutors. I obviously said yes... and I really believed I did. He then proceeded to give me some major scale exercises that i'm afraid proved me otherwise!

Knowing your major scales and arpeggios in every part of the bass neck in all positions is invaluable and should be practiced daily. The exercises i have given you in the following video tutorials will really open up the geometry of the bass neck and if practiced alongside the arpeggio exercises you will truly start to 'see' the available harmony for any given chord sequence all over the bass. By practicing each different fingering of the major scale and then incorporating the continuous scale exercises you will also be practicing them modally as well.

Once you've started to get to grips with these exercises you can start to apply them to different bass guitar scales. A great way to do this is by applying the exercises over a jazz standard. Begin with easier standards like 'Autumn Leaves' and then when ready progress through to pieces like 'Stella by Starlight'

Take your time and be patient, the continuous scale exercises are tough to start with! Remember, becoming a great musician is a lifetimes worth of study... so enjoy the ride!

Happy shedding, Scott

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