Right Hand Technique for Bass (L#37)

in Technique

Right hand -- or "plucking hand" technique should I say, in order not to isolate the lefties ;), is too often forgotten about, because many players are so bothered about what they're playing with the other hand...

But right hand technique on the bass is really key for a lot of techniques and for speed, so it's very important that you investigate and practice these right hand techniques.

First of all, when you're ascending a scale or bass line, you MUST alternate index-middle-index-middle, etc., no excuses! Failing to do so would really be detrimental to your fluidity, precision, speed, etc. I'm expanding on that in the video.

When it comes to descending however, you've got two choices: either alternate picking or raking. None is better than the other but what's important is that, when you've chosen the one that suits you best or feels more natural to you, you stick to it! Another important thing is that you can rake with both the index and the major.

Practice VERY slowly rather than playing too fast and getting into bad habits that would be a pain to break.

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