Using simple shapes on the bass #1 (L#70)

in Bass Lines & Grooves

My students are definitely an inexhaustible source of ideas for new bass lessons! The previous lesson to this one, Internalizing fingering positions on bass, followed a private lesson with a student who had a pretty good bass technique but struggled to use it in a live situation...

This one follows a lesson I gave to a professional bass player who really impressed me with his sight-reading skills and overall technical knowledge, but who missed something really important that I'm going to show you in this new bass lesson.

In fact, all his knowledge seemed to rather be a 'hindrance' to him! Let me explain: I'm not telling you that you shouldn't practice to acquire a good musical knowledge and a good bass technique, don't misunderstand me! On the contrary, I highly recommend you practice your scales and arpeggios on a regular basis, for example. But what I'm saying is that it's not enough to create your own bass lines, to play the bass 'fluently', in a creative way and ultimately without thinking, at least not too much! ;)

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