Using Simple Shapes on the bass #2 (L#71)

in Bass Lines & Grooves

The 'sexy' notes...

First of all, I wanted to say a big thanks to all of you who left such nice comments and spread the word regarding the first part of this bass lesson about using simple shapes. That means a lot to me --and is a real boost when "the going is hard" because I've got sooo much to do! ;)

Next, I want to make it clear that I'm in no way suggesting that you shouldn't be thinking notes or intervals! What I'm saying is that it's often simply not possible --if useful to do it all the time while you're playing, and that learning to assign simple shapes to those notes comes in very handy.

In the previous lesson, you've noticed that starting from our little 4-note "boxes" and then putting them all together, we end up with a full Em pentatonic scale. So we are learning our bass scales, only in a slightly different way, that many of my bass students find easier. Less "academic", hence less scary… ;)

The other big plus I see in this approach is that it enables us to realise how much we can do with just four notes, before we expand on that.

That being said, in this second part of the lesson, I'm introducing those little 'sexy' notes that have a special 'flavour' to them and sound really good when used properly. Find out what makes you tick! ;)

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