Why You *Shouldn't* Go To Music School

Published February 4, 2017 in Bass Tips


So, while I sit here writing this post I'm sat in a studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn working with some of the coolest and most respected bass players on the planet...

" target="_blank">Cody Wright, " target="_blank">Rufus Philpot and " target="_blank">Damian Erskine have already been in to record their new courses for SBL and next up is " target="_blank">Steve Jenkins, and following him will be " target="_blank">Rich Brown, " target="_blank">Jonathan Maron, " target="_blank">Evan Marian and " target="_blank">Adam Neely.

Mind. Blown.


Last night I was doing a Q&A session for the video you're about to watch, and one of the questions was from a guy who for one reason or another can't go to music school.

The reality is that SO many aspiring bassists are in the exact same situation.

They need to support their family. There's no school in the area where they live. They don't have the grades to get in. They don't have the cash to be able to afford it. There's a heap of different reasons why someone might not be able to go.

That gag is, going to music school is not "the answer"...

In this video I discuss why in certain cases going to music school is the WRONG thing to do.

As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

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