How to Play Slap Bass - Beginner & Intermediate (L#74)

in Technique

Can you believe it? A SLAP bass lesson, finally! I've had sooo many e-mails over the last few months asking me to put together a lesson covering how to play slap bass... I've finally given in!

Some of you were even wondering if I had anything against slap bass! I don't, really, and I do have fun with it, occasionally. The only reason I've stayed away from uploading bass lessons on this style, is that I know that bass students can easily get stuck in what I call the "slap bass void": it's fun, it can sound great, you can impress your friends relatively easily... ;)

The risk is that you forget about the rudiments of music, i.e. chord tones, scales, arpeggios, harmony, etc. and never become a well-rounded bass player, able to play with other musicians in a variety of styles --or in any style of music.

And do you think a great slap bass player like, say... Victor Wooten, knows all the stuff I mentioned above? You bet he does!

Now, after these words of caution and wisdom ;), let's slap it!

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