THE BASS 1970 - 1979 | The Players You Need to Know

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So this lesson is a little different.

In fact, I'm not sure we can call it a lesson. It's more of a snap shot of the history of bass.

Lemme explain.

A few weeks back I released a video that broke down the years of bass from 1935 through to 1969 and it exploded on my YouTube channel racking up over a quarter million views in just a few weeks...

So, I'm back with another one for you.

This time we're looking at the years of 1970-79...

We're talking Disco, Funk, Metal, Jazz Fusion, and everything in-between...

And most importantly... once you've watched the video make sure to leave a comment and lemme know these 2 things:

1. Did I miss anyone out?

2. What other historical style bass videos would you like to see?

Lesson Summary:

  • In this video we take a look back at some of the most iconic bass players of the 1970s.
  • Find out how Black Sabbath invented heavy metal.
  • How Chuck Rainey made his mark on the NYC session scene.
  • Why Anthony Jackson’s reputation as an A-list session musician is second to none.
  • All about the killer bass players that came forward with Weather Report.
  • Why Bernard Edwards was one of the best ‘hookline’ bassists on the planet.
  • And why I think punk rock is one of the most influential movements in music history.

Key Quotes:

“Few bass players personify the spirit of the 1970s classic rock sound and style than Andy Fraser of the band Free.”

“As the 70s rolled on, together with the advent of Alembic’s custom-built bass guitars, Stanley Clarke took his newfound electric bass technique to the front of the stage.”

“In 1973 – what a year for bass that was! - down in Kingston, Jamaica, The Wailers were about to make waves with their debut release for Island Records, Catch A Fire.”

“To many Joni Mitchell’s album Hejira is Jaco at his best, while 1976 also saw Jaco appearing on Pat Metheney’s trio album Bright Size Life.”

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As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

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