Published March 16, 2018 in Gear

Well, it’s a VERY rainy Friday here in Leeds… so me and the family are all holed up inside our house and I’ve convinced the wife that we should have a “Goonies day"… #WIN! 

… yep, I’m a massive 80’s film fan.

But seriously, if you’re living somewhere in the world right now that’s blazing with glorious sunshine… send some over to us - we could do with it! ;) 

Anyway, along with The Goonies… luckily I’ve got a brand new toy I’ve just retro-fitted to my bass that you need to check out - it’s seriously cool!… 

Actually, it might be the only “gadget” for bass players that I’ve ever really been desperate to try out. 

... and it didn't disappoint!

You’re going to see exactly what it is, how to fit it to your bass, each of the different settings you can use (including why you’d use it in the first place!)

Then I’m going to show you how you can get a similar effect by using stuff that you’ll most likely already have in your kitchen… 

Intrigued? I hope so. ;) 

Oh, and for total disclosure… I’m not affiliated with the guy who makes these at all. (He doesn’t even know that I’ve made this video about it)

I get pitched every single day about new bass gear that peeps want to get featured on the SBL YouTube channel… in fact, saying every single day is an understatement. 

... So why make this video?

Well, simply because I love what this guy has made. It suits my style of playing. And, it’s a heap of fun and adds a serious amount of AWESOMENESS to my sound. 

You ready?

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