Published April 20, 2018 in Bass Lines & Grooves

"The coolest bass lick ever"...

That's a big statement, right?

So let me give you the back story.

Last week I published a short video over on YouTube of me jamming along with a groove (using the drum machine we're about to launch inside ScottsBassLessons for our members)...

And in that video I played a short little lick, and thought nothing else of it.

... Until my inbox was FILLED with emails asking about that lick, lol

Seriously. I've been publishing videos on YouTube for 7 years - and this one lick is the one I've been asked about the most.

Obviously, I knew I needed to film a quick lesson for you so you can get this lick into your own toolkit...

So... it's done.

In this lesson you're going to hear the lick, and then I'm going to break it down for you bit by bit so you can not only get this lick into your own vocabulary, but also understand why it works from a theoretical standpoint.

Ready! Let's do this.

As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

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