The craziest (or weirdest) slap bass lick you've ever heard?

Published November 24, 2018 in Slap Bass

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Wanna learn a seriously crazy sounding slap lick?

Then you're in the right place.

Here's the quick back story to get you up to speed...

A few weeks ago I filmed a pretty crazy sounding slap lick (and pretty weird!), uploaded it to my Instagram account, shut down my phone and thought nothing more of it.

Three days later I popped back onto Instagram to see if anyone had checked it out and...


50,000+ views on that video and my Instagram message folder was full of questions about that specific slap lick.

"Huh, that's weird" I thought.

There was obviously something about that specific slap lick that heaps of bass players wanted to figure out and see exactly what I was actually doing.

My guess is that it's the fast triplet descending run I do (that's actually way easier to pull off than it looks) so I figured I needed to film a full lesson for you so I can show you the lick, show you exactly what I'm doing, and specifically show you how to get this stuff into your own bass playing toolkit!

Lesson Summary:

  • In today’s video I breakdown a crazy slap riff for you.
  • I show you how to get your thumb working together with both your index and middle fingers.
  • You’ll see why I use a lot of legato in what I’m doing.
  • And why it’s easier to get the pattern down before adding more notes.
  • There’s also tab and notation for you guys, which I really recommend getting. Go and grab the PDF from the link below.

Key Quotes:

"The clip you just saw is something I filmed for Instagram, but it got something like 60 thousand views! People have been asking about it ever since, so I thought this would be a cool opportunity to break it down into sections for you, so it’s way easier to learn."

“There’s a ton of cool little techniques that you can use in this riff, as well as learning the harmony and theory behind it. Everything from minor pentatonics to the trills and slapped triplets; you can use those in all kinds of grooves.”

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As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

Get Your FREE Workbook For This Lesson

Click the orange button to receive the tab and notation via email

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