The Top 7 BASS TECHNIQUE FAILS (and how to fix them)

Published December 22, 2018 in Bass Tips

In this lesson we're talking bass technique.

And before you think, good technique = playing fast.

It doesn't.

Good bass technique will give you the ability to play fast... but if you've got bad technique, it's going to effect your groove, your time feel, being able to play cleanly, and way more...

Your technique is your foundation - it's that important. So you better be really clear on what's good technique, and what's bad technique.

There are 7 technique fails I see students suffering from time and time again...

And in this lesson I'm going to list them - and, show you exactly how to fix them!

Lesson Summary:

  • Today I’m going to talk you through a checklist of simple ideas and exercises that will help maximise your technique.
  • We’re going to look at some fundamentals such as hammer-ons and pull-offs.
  • Plus fret work, picking, muting and dynamics.
  • I’ll show you some essential rules and concepts that every bass player should know and practice.
  • I’ll also tell you how to get your free SBL toolkit.
  • And much, much more…

Key Quotes:

“Our technique is kind of like the foundation of everything that we do. If we get it wrong then everything is going to be ten times harder than it needs to be.”

“Not using hammer-ons and pull-offs is really going to hold back your playing. It’s so easy to miss how many great players use them all the time.”

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As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

PS. If you wanna really get your bass technique to the next level you should check out my fully blown bass technique course here. If you're a full SBL member you already have access to this course (so what ya waiting for, lol?)... and, if you're not a member yet you can grab your 14 day free trial for a full SBL membership and come join the party. ;)

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