THIS. IS. SHOUT. BASS. (with the godfather of Gospel)

in Bass Lines & Grooves

A few months back we were lucky enough to have the Godfather of Gospel, Andrew Gouche come into the studio with us in NYC and film an entire course focusing on R&B and Gospel bass...

One of the topics covered within the course are 'shout' style bass lines... and this is why this video is a little different.

I wanna share one of the exclusive performances from Andrew's course...


Because it's one of the coolest... hippest... and craziest bass performances I've ever seen...

In fact, you'll see me in the video sitting right next to Andrew whilst he's tearing it up (for the most part I'm just giggling like a kid, because I can't believe what's going on, lol).

If you wanna check out someone playing some world-class shout bass lines like no one else in the world can do... then this video is for you!

Lesson Summary:

  • Get a behind the scenes look at the amazing Andrew Gouche in action for SBL.
  • Watch Andrew tearing his way through some mind blowing gospel basslines.
  • Find out why his new course for Scotts Bass Lessons is totally unmissable!
  • And how you can get involved and raise your own game when it comes to gospel bass playing.

Key Quotes:

“If you’re looking for a different way of thinking about your bass playing, this will be pretty cool for you.”

“Check out arrangements and different concepts that Andrew’s used for people like Chaka Khan, Prince, Glady Knight and a host of other gospel artists.”

If you enjoy this lesson, you'll really dig these courses:

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2. Harmonic Layering with Scott Devine
3. The Groove Formula
4. Advancing the Groove with Rich Brown

As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

PS. If you wanna check out Andrew's full course so you can get the full scoop... go here.

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