Published January 26, 2019 in Technique

Hey, so this lesson is a special one...

I've got a VERY special guest in the studio with me.

One of my bass heroes.

The one and only Bobby Vega - one of the funkiest bass players on the planet.

Seriously - funk runs through this guys veins!

Oh, and to top it off...

He plays with a pick.

Yep... a pick!

So, if you've ever wondered whether great bass players use a pick, you can stop wondering today by checking out this lesson.

You're going to be learning:

  • How to groove (it's all about the figure 8!)
  • Why and how to adjust the angle of the pick to get different feels and tones
  • Playing behind the beat
  • How to inject ghost notes into your grooves
  • And way more.

Ready to groove? Let's do this!

Lesson Summary:

  • You’re going to find out how Bobby got started with a $1 ukulele.
  • Why his playing is so reactive to what the drummer is doing.
  • How he gets that backbeat thing happening with a pick.
  • You’re going to hear Bobby playing What Is Hip? On, behind and in front of the beat.
  • And much, much more.

Key Quotes:

“Everybody knows that you’re killing with a pick so let’s hit that right on the head!”

“It’s like a ball game in that you can prepare for it, but once you get in the game what happens?”

“This is only a tiny part of a workshop we filmed with Bobby. If you want to check out the full thing go grab your free trial at scottsbasslessons.com”

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As always, see you in the shed...

Scott :)

PS. If you're a member at SBL, you can also login and watch the entire 1hr masterclass in full today... if you're not a member yet, just grab your 14 day free trial here and you'll get instant access to the best online bass school on the planet. Yep... I'm biased, but hey, it's the truth ;)

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