Using a pick (Plectrum) #1 (L#60)

in Technique

"Is it a good thing or a bad thing to play with a pick?" is a question I'm asked quite often by my students. Perhaps because they haven't seen me playing with a pick (or plectrum) in any of my bass lessons? ;)

The short answer is that it's neither 'good' nor 'bad': you're not 'cheating' if you're using a plectrum, it just gives you a different sound. Actually I think it's a good thing to practice both with and without a plectrum right from the start, not to limit yourself.

So this lesson deals with the basics of using a pick --downstrokes, upstrokes, alternate picking but also gives you little tips and tricks to practice and get a great sound!

So grab a pick and get in the shed! ;)

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