Using Pentatonic Scales on the Bass #2 (L#51)

Published December 31, 2011 in Bass Lines & Grooves

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This is my second lesson in this series about using pentatonic scales in your bass lines.

Because of the tonality of these five-note scales, pentatonics are very versatile and can be used in all sorts of ways and styles of music --pop, rock, funk, jazz… you name it.

In the previous tutorial, we took a very simple chord sequence that goes: A minor / Bb Major / C Major (2 bars) and we've seen that pentatonic scales can sound really cool. After this lesson, I got a lot of emails saying things like 'I kept hearing this kind of melody --or lick… what were you doing exactly there?" etc.

So what I wanna do in this lesson is take one of those pentatonic licks and show you how I 'dissect' it to build other licks, rather than playing the exact same one over and over again.

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