Using Pentatonic Scales on the Bass #4 (L#53)

in Improvisation

In the previous lesson, I began to talk about learning your pentatonic scales in different positions --on your bass, I mean, not sitting and standing ;). And this is really important because, as with any scale, if you know it in only one position or pattern, you'll get stuck!!!

So you have to learn them starting from different positions / fingers, and I recommend starting with three positions. Let's take the C major pentatonic scale for example: we can start playing it with the second finger on the C, then starting with the fourth finger on the C, and lastly with the second finger on the D.

Once you've learned that patterns, what you wanna do is practice going up in one position then down in another, and vice-versa. Practicing that way will give you a much better mastery of your pentatonic scales and, more generally, of your fretboard!

Btw., this doesn't apply only for the pentatonic scales, it applies for any scale. So if you haven't watched my lesson on how to practice bass scales, I highly recommend you do so!

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