We're Hiring! Marketing Manager

Published November 5, 2019

Are you a whip-smart marketer who's a good conceptual thinker, and is also socially intelligent and good at leadership?

Maybe you've got an agency you'd like a back-door out of?

Maybe you're an entrepreneur with an info-product biz that's mostly automated, and some time to consider other options?

If so, we have an opportunity you may want to consider...

Who we are

We're Scott's Bass Lessons, the world's largest online bass lesson resource.

We're an info-product company that's dedicated to high-quality online bass education.

You may have seen Scott on YouTube, or heard him on podcasts like James Schramko's.

Here’s the situation: we at SBL are trying to match 2019’s growth in 2020.

That means we can’t continue to do what got us to the dance.

In 2019, we grew the recurring membership members both in an automated way, and via quarterly promotions.

We also launched standalone products almost once-a-month.

But we need to do more in 2020, or our growth will slow:

  • We need more eyeballs on the offers - that means aggressive advertising growth, by offering more standalone products, more funnels, more ad platforms, and just more budget
  • We need more people to convert to those offers - that means a top-to-bottom review of our website and funnels visavis how well they’re converting. Where are we losing opportunities?
  • We need to continue our YouTube juggernaut - which will require some experiments to create more virality on YouTube
  • And we’ve got umpteen other ideas in the hopper

And here’s the thing…

Scott and I (director of marketing) can come up with these ideas…

...we can create and test the offer, write the copy, draw up the design brief and give it to the design/dev team…

...but, if we don’t keep our eye on the ball, things will stall.

Example: we’ve been at work on a paid advertising funnel for months. It just needs some finishing touches. Copy’s written. Offer’s created. Design’s been submitted.

We just need somebody to push it across the finish line.

But what happens? Scott and I get distracted. And stuff stalls.

That’s why we need (maybe, if we’re right for each other) you.

If stepping in and solving the above problem, times ten, times twenty excites you…

...if you’re a fan of people like Peter Drucker, Steven Covey, or Jocko Willink…

...and/or if you’ve ever run a business yourself…

...you may be right for this. (And we may be right for you.)

We’re looking for somebody smart, detail-oriented, and marketing-savvy, though you do not have to be an expert at all aspects of marketing. (We’re also looking for the straight shooters who will level with us about their weaknesses, and ours.)

The successful candidate will also be able to size up a situation in a hurry - to go “big picture”, and “prioritize and execute.”

He/she will be comfortable telling us what to do, rather than waiting for direction (but also willing to compromise).

What we can offer

Just over a year ago, I downsized my agency to come and work full-time for SBL.


SBL offered me the freedom of owning an agency, with the stability of a more traditional job.

We're fully remote (obviously).

But we're also (we hope) a fun, irreverent culture, and an environment where, if you're a person with strong ideas, you'll have space and opportunity to "train at altitude" and "play with house money".

If you've got chops, and you'd like to take-the-wheel of a startup, this may be for you.

(If you're just looking to coast and wait to be told what to do, it's probably not;)

If it sounds like this might be a good opportunity for you, just click this link to complete a quick questionnaire, and attach your CV, and, if it's a fit, we'll talk!



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