We're Hiring! Social Media Maven

Published November 7, 2019

Are you a whip-smart marketer who's a good conceptual thinker, and is savvy on social media?

Do you live-and-breathe Gary Vee, Pat Flynn, and Casey Neistat? (Or maybe you think they're lame because you know better? Also good;)

Maybe you've got an agency you'd like a back door out of, or maybe you've been doing social media on a freelance basis, and want an opportunity to "take the reins" of something, with a founder who's willing to trust you?

If so, we have an opportunity you may want to consider...

Who we are

We're Scott's Bass Lessons, the world's largest online bass lesson resource.

We're an info-product company that's dedicated to high-quality online bass education.

You may have seen Scott on YouTube, or heard him on podcasts like James Schramko's.

Here's the situation: SBL is experiencing fast growth. That’s exciting, right?

Well, yes - but it also comes with some constraints.

Like - up till now, we’ve been operating with a super lean team.

Scott, the founder come up with a lot of the marketing strategy. Our marketing team implements stuff, and everybody wears a bunch of hats.

Gav, our video producer, also creates social graphics for instagram.

I, the director of marketing, is also our copywriter, facebook ads guy, and...you might see where I’m going...in charge of our organic social media campaigns, together with another guy, who creates our workbooks.

All of which is to say, as we transition to a medium-sized team, we want an organic social media maven, with the “bandwidth” to have his/her “eye on the ball” 100% of the time.

We want your “shower thoughts” ;)

Why this is good for you:

You get to “take the reins” of a quick-growing company, and “play with house money” to develop ideas, in an environment where, if it’s congruent with our direction and our message, we’ll very rarely say “no”.

Why this is good for us:

If you’re a fit, we can rest assured, knowing there’s somebody constantly looking for ways to push the ball forward.

What you’ll actually be doing (at least part of it):

Managing Facebook and Instagram daily.

Finding ways to grow our company on these platforms.

  • That can mean “engagement”
  • That can mean other metrics too
  • Heck, it can even mean other platforms. Like “Scott, I think we need to be on Pinterest.” If you’ve got the bandwidth to try it, while keeping the other stuff moving forward, great!

And that’s basically it.

We want somebody to think independently from broad objectives.

What your work-life will look like:

We’ve got a few weekly company calls, and you’ll likely have close back-and-forth with the marketing team, especially at first.

We’re 100% remote, and we don’t care about any “set” schedule, provided you’re available when we need you, and you’re giving us your “shower thoughts”, and...here’s the key...running our business like it’s yours.

You might be a good fit if:

You’ve got a scrapbook of social media influencers and what they’re doing.

You can take a look at SBL and size up opportunities.

You’re not necessarily working from a corporate, or Biz School template, but strategizing in real-time.

You’ve got a track record - either at another company or - this might be even better - on your own behalf.

Sound like you? Just click this link to complete a quick questionnaire, shoot your CV and cover letter to the address provided at the end of the survey, and apply.

If it's a fit, we'd love to talk to you!

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