We're giving away over $41k of bass gear and helping to build a school in an underserved nation

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Scott Devine

Last year we raised A WHOPPING $27k!

THIS YEAR WE're trying to raise even more.

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There are multiple ways to enter, just use the form below:

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How entering can help build schools in under-served communities.

Last year we raised $27k to build schools in underserved communities in Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos. This year, we're trying to raise even more.

Pencils of Promise is known as a school building organization that provides access to education, but we are evolving into a learning organization focused on quality education outcomes. With our dynamic approach to ensure quality education through our programs, we are reshaping the landscape of education in the developing world.

Today, PoP works in Ghana, Guatemala, Laos and Nicaragua and has broken ground on over 400 pre and primary schools in remote and under-served regions. Each school was made possible by a person, a family or a company united by the goal of creating a better world through education.

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We're partnering with Pencils of Promise to help give more people access to the gift of education.

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The Prizes.


1969 Fender Jazz Bass
(with matching headstock)



1966 Fender Jazz Bass



Sadowsky USA made 5-String



Sadowsky USA made 4-String



AtelierZ JB4



Fender USA Jazz Bass Ultra



Fender 90's CIJ Jazz Bass



Sire V7 5-String Jazz Bass



10 SBL Lifetime Memberships
($997 each)



5 x SBL One Straps (Two Tone)

$147 each

5 x SBL One Straps (Black Edition)

$167 each

Don't miss your chance to help build a school, and enter to WIN some incredible bass gear.



I'd love to enter, but I live [someplace far away]. Can I still win?
Yes! The giveaway is open to anybody, worldwide.
Is there any purchase necessary to enter?
There is no purchase necessary to enter. As you'll see on the entry form, there are several ways of entering the giveaway that don't require any purchase at all.
What if I don't win anything? How can I go on after that?
How do you go on!? I'm the one who has to give away all this amazing bass stuff!

In all seriousness, though, if you grab a trial to the membership and don't win, don't sweat it. We do giveaways in the membership all the time.

Oh, and you just might accidentally Level Up Your Bass Playing. That's not nothing ;)
What if I want to donate to building the school directly, and I'm not interested in the giveaway?
No problem! We've set up a campaign page on Pencils of Promise, where you can donate directly, and the donation will count toward our $30,000 goal.

Just go here to donate directly.
What if I want to get maximum entries to the giveaway, but I'm already a member?
Our members can get just as many entries as the maximum non-members can collect.

Just check your email. We've sent you a secret code you can enter for some entries, and a link where, by answering a short survey (yes, it's okay if you've already answered it), you can get even more entries.

Between the two, you'll get just as many as non-members.
How will the winner be chosen and contacted?
After the end of the giveaway, we'll do a drawing weighted precisely by the number of entries for each person.

We'll announce the winner on a livestream to which we'll email you the link, then we'll email everybody the replay link.

We'll also contact the winners directly, so don't worry - if you've won you'll hear from us.
What if I want to grab a trial as a way to enter the giveaway and I want my donation to count? How should I do that?
If you want to level-up your bass playing and get instruction from a curated group of the best bass players and teachers on earth, you might want to grab a trial to the SBL Membership.

When you grab your free 14-day trial, you'll automatically get an email with a secret code you can enter in to claim your entries.

If you love the Membership and want your donation to count, just stick around past your trial, and we'll donate your entire first month's tuition (or an equivalent amount of your first year, if you choose the "yearly" plan) to Pencils of Promise.
What will happen to my donation? How will it be used?
We've spoken to Pencils of Promise, and indicated to them that we intend to aggregate this year's donations and last year's to commission and build a school all on our own, (a school costs $50k to build) and donate any extra proceeds to their "building from the inside" initiative, which trains teachers.