Advanced Palm Muting Techniques

Palm muting is essentially a picking hand technique you can use to dampen the strings on your bass. It’s a key part of becoming a skilled bass player. You can exercise more control over the sound coming out of your instrument, play more dynamically and when used in combination with other picking techniques, it adds another layer of versatility to your playing. It's a technique no bassist should be without. Let's get into it.

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Palm muting is one of the most important techniques a bass player could ever learn. It can give you much finer control over each note, and it can enable you can create a wide range of different textures when used correctly. Ultimately when used in combination with other picking techniques such as finger style and pick playing, it adds another layer of versatility and control to your bass playing - and is a technique no bass player should be without.

In this course Scott is going to take you right from the start, explaining why this technique is so important, the basic hand positions you can use right through to using multiple fingers of the plucking hand in combination with the palm mute and he'll even be throwing percussive slaps into the mix too.

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