Chord Tone Concepts with Phil Mann: Volume 1

Chord tones are the individual notes that create a chord. They're the building blocks of harmony. Understanding the sound and function of these chord tones is super important to your success as a bass player. The better grasp you have of chord tones, the better you will understand how to connect chords and build better basslines. If you want to really understand how chords and chord progressions are built, then this course is for you.

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If you’re truly serious about wanting to improve as a musician and bassist, then this course is a must for you!

In this course, world renowned educator, Phil Mann teaches you how to completely revolutionise the way you view and navigate around your fingerboard in a way that is step by step, digestible and most importantly easy to implement.

In This Course You’re Going to Learn:

  • Major and Minor Triad Permutations
  • Diminished and Augmented Triad Permutations
  • How to Implement Permutation Concepts with all 7th Arpeggios
  • A fantastic Metronome Workout Exercise to Improve Your Pocket and Groove
  • How to Implement Triad and Arpeggio Permutation Exercises Over Common Chord Sequences
  • Using Jazz Standards to Further Your Understanding of the Fingerboard
  • And much more.

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