The Beginning Jazz Survival Guide for Bassists

Jazz is the perfect platform to help you expand your understanding of harmony and music theory. It will also improve your ear big time! You don’t need to aspire to become a great jazz musician to get something out of this course. It's a genre that covers so many musical elements. So if you’re a bass player outside of the jazz circle looking in, make it your goal to tackle this course and see just where it takes you.

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Many high level and notable bass players consistently discuss how critical studying jazz was for their progression as a bass player and musician. This is because studying jazz is the perfect platform and tool to help you learn the fingerboard inside out, and finally start to understand harmony in a much deeper and usable way.

If you have no experience in jazz, but really want to start to unlock this style of music... this is the course for you!

In this course Scott takes you right from the start and get's you 'gig ready' for a real life jazz gig.

Beginning walking bass lines, the 2 feel, Latin rhythms, essential walking bass vocabulary, soloing techniques, ghost notes and much more... it's all in there.

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