In Conversation with Nathan East - From Sideman to Solo Artist

April 12, 2017

About This Episode

In today’s podcast we catch up with one of the most recorded bass players in popular music.

Nathan East has performed with such a huge number of all-time greats, from Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder to Quincy Jones and Eric Clapton, that it’s hard to sum up the impact he’s had on popular music. His funk-fueled bass work added the sparkle to Daft Punk's 2013 hit single, 'Get Lucky'; he sings, he doubles on upright and electric bass, has received an Ivor Novello Award for co-writing the Phil Collins hit ‘Easy Lover’, and his ongoing team-up with Bob James, Harvey Mason and Chuck Loeb as jazz quartet, FourPlay, continues to raise his credentials. Following the success of his 2014 self-titled debut album, 2017 sees Nathan return with his second release as a solo artist, Reverence.

Listen to Nathan in Action:

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