In Conversation with Scott Reeder - Fireball Ministry

November 8, 2017

About This Episode

In today’s podcast we meet Scott Reeder, of Kyuss, Sound City: Real to Reel and Fireball Ministry fame.

Speaking to us on the run up to some packed live shows in support of a new Fireball Ministry album, bassist Scott Reeder tells us that life in the band is turning out to be something of a blast. In the grand tradition of the desert rock scene, his unique blend of giant riffs have taken him to international acclaim amid the hard-rock community. High points of his career are many, including making headway with Kyuss in 1994 with their esteemed album Welcome To Sky Valley, auditioning for Metallica following the departure of Jason Newsted and winning a Grammy Award for his contribution to the soundtrack of the Dave Grohl documentary Sound City.

Watch Scott in Action:

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Scott :)

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