In Conversation with Sheldon Dingwall - Dingwall Guitars | The Life and Times of Sheldon Dingwall

January 30, 2019

About this episode

In this interview I caught up with Sheldon Dingwall to talk fanned frets and get the low-down on a killer Dingwall model, the D-Bird.

Sheldon Dingwall is the kind of luthier who isn’t afraid to take risks. As a result, Dingwall Guitars has become renowned for some really innovative ideas like Novax fanned fretboards, 37-inch scale length B strings and mandolin-sized frets inspired by session ace Lee Sklar. Based on the company’s Combustion model, the NG-2 (the signature bass of Adam "Nolly" Getgood, bassist for progressive metal titans Periphery) has also taken the company in an incredible new direction.

See Dingwall Guitars in Action:

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