In Conversation with Todd Johnson - Bass Fundamentals

July 25, 2016

About This Episode

In today’s podcast Todd Johnson reveals his mastery of the 6-string bass.

There’s a lot of categorisation in the bass world. If you play 4-string bass, you’re categorised as a 4-string player – and if you play an extended-range bass, people might look at you as if you’re an alien! Well, perhaps it’s time to step into the unfamiliar sonic territory offered by a 6-string bass.

Todd Johnson is the kind of bass player who makes it look easy. Over almost four decades as a professional bassist, Todd has developed a reputation that belies his formidable talent for conjuring flurries of fingerpicked melody amid some brilliant chords. Aside from his work as a performer, Todd has also acted as bass teacher to a host of top names.

Listen to Todd in Action:

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