In Conversation with Vicky Warwick - A Bass Player’s Guide to Surviving NYC

December 19, 2018

About this episode

In this interview Vicky Warwick lends an insight into her evolution as a bassist in New York City.

Charli XCX, Cee Lo Green, Gabrielle Aplin, Cyndi Lauper, Rod Stewart – what do they all have in common? Apart from being female pop sensations (Cee Lo and Rod Stewart excluded), they’ve all been fortunate enough to have the musical talents of Vicky Warwick aboard their live shows or televised performances at one point or another. In addition to her high standing in the UK music scene, Vicky is also making waves across the Atlantic, having recently relocated to New York City. Refreshed from some much needed time away from the tour bus, Vicky is back with her debut solo project, Ainslie. Scott gets the full story.

Listen to Verdine in Action:

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