In Conversation with Victor Wooten - Bass Extremes

August 22, 2016

About This Episode

In today’s podcast we meet a player who has taken the art of bass playing to a whole new level.

Victor Wooten may not need much in the way of an introduction as one of the bass world’s great pioneers. When word reached the SBL office that Mr Wooten would be making a rare appearance in the UK, the opportunity was too good to miss. His unique approach to the bass caused shock waves when he first emerged circa 1986, as he brought an unmatched duality to the instrument, creating polyrhythmic parts via tapping and slapping, all with a phenomenal musicality and rock-solid groove.

Looking over Victor’s prolific discography – which to date includes several solo albums, 14 albums with the Flecktones and numerous collaborations, including the recent SMV album with Stanley Clarke and Marcus Miller – it’s striking that he’s constantly able to renew his creative spark with each new project.

Listen to Victor in Action:

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